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Chitkale Prakash

I opened myself for the first time to the tender indifference of the world. ~ Albert Camus

A Journey of Self Discovery through Words and Colours.

I am Chitkale Prakash and I am a Dreamer of Dreams.

I am currently doing CA Final while trying to understand myself better through various creative mediums.

I have always loved to create, be it with words, paints, resin or even wool.

This website is a culmination of my interests and a way to document my creative journey.

This is a place where words come alive, intertwining the worlds of literature, personal narrative and my artistic endeavors

Join me on this exciting journey, where curiosity knows no bounds and expression knows no limits.



To create is to live. 

To create is to read and dance and sing and paint. 

Here, the timeless elegance of watercolor and the bold intensity of gouache collide to tell unique stories. 

Join me in exploring the boundless realm of imagination


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